2019 C&D Xiamen Marathon Bib Numbers Release

For 2019 C&D Xiamen Marathon, a total of 36,818 runners are qualified, including 30,333 men(82.3%) and 6,485 women(17.7%). Starting waves, corrals and bib numbers assignments are as below:

After the pre-registration of 2019 C&D Xiamen Marathon, the organizing committee verified all the applicants’ previous results through China Marathon Information Platform, specifically the best ones searchable in the “Level A” events certificated by CAA for the period from January 1, 2016 to September 20, 2018. Among them, there are 11,174 runners whose personal best is no more than 3:56:00, assigned to start at Wave 1. 11,862 runners have their personal best between 3:56:01 and 4:44:19 and are assigned to Wave 2. For personal best at and over 4:44:20, there are 13,275 runners and they will start at Wave 3. Please note that this start wave qualifying standard is newly updated after a more precise calculation. 

Corral Assignments

There will be nine corrals assigned on the basis of runners’ personal best: A, B, C, D(for Cross-Strait Invitational Marathon Tournament runners only), E, F, G, H, J. The assignment is organized as the rankings of the personal best and will help runners find their corrals for roll call on race day. 

The assignment of 3 Waves and 9 Corrals is shown in the following figure: 


As shown in the above figure, the assignment of 3 Waves and 9 Corrals is as follows:

Wave 1 (Red Corrals): A, B, C

Wave 2 (Blue Corrals): D, E, F, G

Wave 3 (Green Corrals): H, J

Wave 1 will start at 7:30. For the other waves, start time will be announced by the middle of December through add-on rules & regulations. 


Bib Numbers

Regarding bib numbers, top athletes are pure numbers from 1-100 and permanent race number runners are in a form of corral letter + 3 figure permanent race number. For the rest runners, their bib numbers are corral letter(A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/J) + 5-figure number, in which the letter stands for roll call section and the 5-figure is assigned as the searchable personal results. The smaller the number is, the better the ranking of the personal best is. This will also help runners to compare their rankings after the race with the results on the finishers’ certificates .

Runners who applied for moving to the last corral, running with flags/banners/posters/non-official pacing balloons, and runners who registered through sponsors or other cooperative organizations, are assigned to Corral H & J, regardless of their personal best. Among them, those whose results cannot be traced will be randomly sorted at last.

How to search for my bib number

Go to the Search page of Xiamen Marathon official website www.xmim.org and fill in your name and identification number, or log into My Account to search. 

For runners registered by mobile phone numbers, SMS will be sent for double notification. Runners from outside of China who registered by emails, notification emails will be sent too.


If you have any questions on the assignment, please send a description email to bmc@xmim.org. Answers will be sent after verification. Please click here for bib number Q&A. 


2019 C&D Xiamen Marathon will keep on taking strict rules on the roll call and organization of separate waves and corrals. Runners can only start in their assigned wave and corral. Moving to other corrals are prohibited. If violated, the result and ranking of the runner will be canceled and one-year ban will be imposed. We hope all the runners will follow these rules.  


Further notice will be announced for unsettled matters.