Supplementary Notice for Rules & Regulations of 2019 C&D Xiamen Marathon

In 2018, three separate waves were first used for the start of Xiamen Marathon, in which runners were separated in different corrals based on their personal best results. The whole race showed an improved performance in every aspect, from pre-race assembly, packet storage, and race supplies to post-race service. It lessened overcrowding on the race course, and helped to improve runners’ results. Race experiences were generally praised. In 2019, separate waves will be adopted and it's hoped that every runner will follow and support it. 

To sure a safe and smooth participation, please read the below supplementary notice for 2019 C&D Xiamen Marathon: 

Ⅰ.  Start Time

Separate waves and corrals will be used for the start. There will be 15 minutes between waves. 

Wave 1   7:30, (Red Number bibs) Corrals A/B/C runners start

Wave 2   7:45, (Blue Number bibs) Corrals D/E/F/G runners start

Wave 3   8:00, (Green Number bibs) Corrals H/J runners start


.  Roll call time

5:30—7:20, Roll call for Wave 1 runners (Red Number bibs: Corrals A/B/C)

5:55—7:35, Roll call for Wave 2 runners (BlueNumber  bibs: Corrals D/E/F/G)

6:20—7:50, Roll call for Wave 3 runners (Green Number bibs: Corrals H/J)

According to rules & regulations, no runners are allowed to enter the race to start 20 minutes after the last wave, namely 8:20. 

We kindly ask all the runners to go through roll call on time and also try to avoid the peak time overcrowding in the security check, packet drop-off, toilets and roll call for a better experience. 

.  Separate Corrals

Separate corrals will be used for 2019 C&D Xiamen Marathon. All the runners should start in their own corrals. The following situation to start on other corrals is prohibited:

If the following situations are found: 

Wave 1 (Red bibs: Corrals A/B/C) runners pass the start line later than 7:45;

Wave 2 (Blue bibs: Corrals D/E/F/G) runners pass the start line earlier than 7:45, or later than 8:00;

Wave 3 (Green bibs: Corrals H/J) runners pass the start line earlier than 8:00.

Violators of the above will be removed from the results and ranking, and a one-year ban will be added. Please make sure to follow the rule. 

Tips: If you need to join runners from another wave or corral, it is suggestive to meet at a discussed KM point, timing point or landmark building after 3KM. We kindly ask you not to stay or wait in an area near the start, especially not in the start area, which might cause overcrowding.

.  Cut-off time

According to the rules and regulations, cut-off times will be 6:15 after each wave, thus making the final cut-off time at 14:15 of Beijing Time. 

Runners whose gun time result is over 6:15 will not be qualified for ranking, nor will they be offered the finisher's certificates.

.  Retainment of Qualification

For those who have gained the race qualification (excluding runners from 2018 C&D Xiamen Marathon qualification retainment, Charity Run and registered through sponsors or cooperative organizations) but are unable to pick-up the race packet, the qualification can be retained to the next year’s race, but runners should register and pay for the registration fee again. The qualification will not be retained for those runners who have picked up the race packet but do not run. For runners who have gained the race qualification for two consecutive years but failed to attend both races will be disqualified for registering and participating in the race of the following year.

Hereby notify the above.

Xiamen Marathon Organizing Committee

December, 2018