Video: A Green Message

The Xiamen Marathon has become the first marathon in the world to be part of the UN Environment's Clean Seas campaign. The 2019 edition of the marathon sent out a strong green message when biodegradable cups and barreled water were offered during the event to cut down on the use of plastic.

The Clean Seas campaign, started in February 2017, urges governments to pass plastic reduction policies and industries to minimize plastic packaging and redesign products. It calls on consumers to change their plastic throwaway habits before irreversible damage is done to our seas, which are already cluttered with plastic.

Naysan Sahba, Director of UN Environment's communications division, called the marathon's anti-plastic measure a significant act. He hoped the marathon would also switch to alternative materials for its badges, medals and wrist bands to set a world-class example not only as a marathon but also as a sustainable event.

"I think the organizers, the city, and sponsors of the Xiamen Marathon will take even further steps to get all the way down to zero waste," Sahba said, calling on all marathons in China and all sports event around the world to turn the tide on plastic usage.

(Reporting from Xiamen)

Copyedited by Sudeshna Sarkar

Source: Beijing Review