Countdown To The 2019 C&D Xiamen Marathon

(January 6, 2019)


Medical Aid

1. Medical aid stations will be set at the start area, each 2.5KM after 5KM and the finish area.

2. AED first aid service will be provided along the race course.

3. Medical aid volunteers will serve along the race course, assisting in medical aid and maintaining race order. Contestants can ask help from them when needed. During the race, the medical group leader is empowered to give instructions to abandon the race and take back the bib number of the contestant on basis of the physical situation. If the contestant refuses to follow the instructions given by the on-site medical crew and insists on continuing the race, all the consequences and responsibilities arising shall be borne by the contestant. In case of losing consciousness during the race, the organizing committee will be in automatic commission to take every means for emergency aid, including but not limited to CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation), AED, and fast transfer via rented vehicle or aircraft.