Countdown To The 2019 C&D Xiamen Marathon

(January 6, 2019)


Participant Statement

1. I myself voluntarily register for the C&D Xiamen Marathon 2019 and all activities in accordance with this event (hereafter referred to as “race”);

2. I understand comprehensively and agree with all the regulations, rules, requirements and measures instituted by the organizing committee and event co-organizers (hereafter referred to as “organizers”);

3. I agree to provide valid personal identification documents and information for the organizers to verify my identity, and will be fully liable for any false individual documents and information provided;

4. I promise that I shall register to the race in my own name, and I am aware of the regulation that the race number  bib shall not be transferred to others (I have the obligation to keep the race number bib properly from the moment I receive it from the organizers to the end of the race. If a third party uses my race number bib to obtain the race qualification due to unsuccessful custody or unauthorized transfer, lending and other reasons, all the legal consequences and responsibilities arising therefrom shall be borne by myself and the third party).

5. If I am unable to participate in the race due to my  personal reasons, I have no right to demand the organizers to refund my registration fee; neither can I transfer my race number bib to others.

6. I have made full preparations for the race and accept the anti-doping test required by the organizers, if necessary;

7. I accept the personal accident insurance provided by the organizers, and all the detailed clauses have been understood and approved from the insurance specifications;

8. I have a comprehensive understanding of all the potential risks in the race, and has already prepared necessary safeguarding measures; I am willing to take full responsibility of all personal emergency risks which occur during the race, and agree that the organizers shall not undertake any form of compensations for personal accidents or for any other form of losses caused by other reasons than itself.

9. I agree to accept the first aid and emergent medical treatment provided by the organizers during the race (including the use of AED), but the portion of relevant charges incurring in medical remedies that goes beyond the organizers’ insurance scope shall be afforded by myself;

10. I authorize the organizers to free use my portrait, name, voice and other personal information for the organization and promotion of the race;

11. I promise not to alter, forge or shield the official race number bib during the race;

12. I will follow the instructions of referees, volunteers, guards and medical staff to maintain the order of the race;

13. I shall abide strictly by the institution of security check and roll call without carrying any hazardous goods into the arena, in order to maintain the safety for myself and others;

14. I shall participate in the race in a civilized manner without committing open defecation and throwing garbage anywhere, in order to keep the race course clean and sanitary;

15. I shall deposit the race package according to the time, spot and method required in Rules and Regulations; all losses shall be undertaken by myself if the race package is lost due to my failure to deposit as required;

16. I or my legal agent has read carefully and comprehensively understand the above contents and confirmed all the contents stated above, and shall undertake corresponding legal liabilities.